O introducere antropologica a lui Youtube

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Web2.0
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Michael Wesch este profesor de antropologie culturala la Universitatea Kansas, US. Devenit celebru dupa realizarea videoclipului A vision of students today care a atras de la lansare peste 6 milioane de utilizatori, iata ca acum (de fapt in urma cu 2 luni) a realizat un videoclip de peste 55 de minute, prezentand o introducere antropologica a lui Youtube. Daca aveti rabdare (cu siguranta va vatrezi interesul) puteti sa-l urmariti complet,

Vodpod videos no longer available.

sau sa alegeti ce si cum doriti, asa cum reiese din sumarul preluat de aici.

“In case you want to skip around, or just want an overview of what the talk is about, here is a timeline:

0:00 Introduction, YouTube’s Big Numbers

2:00 Numa Numa and the Celebration of Webcams

5:53 The Machine is Us/ing Us and the New Mediascape

12:16 Introducing our Research Team

12:56 Who is on YouTube?

13:25 What’s on Youtube? Charlie Bit My Finger, Soulja Boy, etc.

17:04 5% of vids are personal vlogs addressed to the YouTube community, Why?

17:30 YouTube in context. The loss of community and “networked individualism” (Wellman)

18:41 Cultural Inversion: individualism and community

19:15 Understanding new forms of community through Participant Observation

21:18 YouTube as a medium for community

23:00 Our first vlogs

25:00 The webcam: Everybody is watching where nobody is (“context collapse”)

26:05 Re-cognition and new forms of self-awareness (McLuhan)

27:58 The Anonymity of Watching YouTube: Haters and Lovers

29:53 Aesthetic Arrest

30:25 Connection without Constraint

32:35 Free Hugs: A hero for our mediated culture

34:02 YouTube Drama: Striving for popularity

34:55 An early star: emokid21ohio

36:55 YouTube’s Anthenticity Crisis: the story of LonelyGirl15

39:50 Reflections on Authenticity

41:54 Gaming the system / Exposing the System

43:37 Seriously Playful Participatory Media Culture

47:32 Networked Production: The Collab. MadV’s “The Message” and the message of YouTube

49:29 Poem: The Little Glass Dot, The Eyes of the World

51:15 Conclusion by bnessel1973

52:50 Dedication and Credits (Our Numa Numa dance)”

  1. gabriela says:

    Nu-i asa ca e grozav un astfel de profesor de stiinte sociale? Si lucrurile pe care le realizeaza in domeniul antropologiei!! Ce pacat ca unii dintre actorii educationali nu inteleg ca singura constanta intr-o astfel de lume nebuna in care traim este SCHIMBREA !

    Si ca sa vezi ce inseamna “timing “. Tocmai ce am terminat de scris pe blog despre discursul prof. Wesch la Universitatea Manitoba. Fascinante rezultate pentru disciplina de antropologie culturala! Intelegi tu 🙂

  2. lmalita says:

    “timing” fin nou! Tocmai ti-am comentat postul!

    Mai rar astfel de profesori, oriunde in lume! Totusi e sprijinit de societatea deschisa la schimbare, de studenti vizionari…

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